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Speaking Requests

Dr. Mindy Hall is accepting speaking engagements as availability allows. All of the suggested topics below can be customized, or we are happy to work with you on identifying a topic that will have the most resonance within your organization.

Mindy Hall, PhD

Mindy Hall. PhD

Past speaking engagements have included:

  • US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Commander's Innovation Conference
  • Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) HR Conference
  • National Security Technologies, LLC
  • Human Resource Planning Society (HRPS) Executive Forum
  • Fielding Graduate University
  • YMCA National Conference
  • and more

For information on inviting Dr. Mindy Hall to speak at an upcoming function, please download and review our speaking packet, available in PDF format. Or, contact us for more information.

Suggested Topics

Leading with Intention
Every interaction—whether you're presenting to an entire organization or talking one-on-one with a colleague—is an opportunity to influence and inspire others to achieve extraordinary results. Your ability to do that depends on two factors:

  • how aware you are of your impact
  • the care and discipline with which you choose your actions, day by day, moment by moment

Drawn from her book Leading with Intention: Every Moment is a Choice, Dr. Mindy Hall provides real-life examples and practical tools for increasing your awareness and being more deliberate in your choices.

Developing Executive Teams
Teams at the executive level face a unique set of challenges: significant demands on executives’ time, the pressures of managing a high-performing organization, and dimensions of power and ego. It is therefore no surprise that many CEOs and team members are left feeling that their team could be performing at a higher level, but have little idea of how to get there. This presentation encompasses the results of Peak Development’s independent research study, in which nearly 100 senior executives from around the globe shared real-world experiences and practical advice on developing top teams. Through their responses and Dr. Hall’s experience, participants will better understand the roles of presidents/CEOs, team members, and facilitators in shaping executive teams; barriers and accelerators for executive team development; and effective methods of developing executive teams.

Shaping Organizational Culture
Every organization has a culture: regardless of size, age, or industry. What separates many leading companies from their competitors is the ability to intentionally shape culture to bolster their business goals; the ability to engage the hearts and minds of their employees; and the ability to create an environment where people are inspired to achieve extraordinary results. Through the results of Peak Development’s study on Shaping Organizational Culture, participants will see that culture initiatives need not be models of complexity, nor the exclusive realm of “culture experts.” By understanding the key levers which influence culture, individuals throughout an organization can begin to take actions that influence the culture and shape what the organization will become.

Beyond Functional Expertise: A Business Imperative for Today’s Leaders
Creating the environment where talented, engaged employees have passion, drive, and the ability to proactively shape a company’s success goes far beyond functional expertise. To excel in a leadership role and display real value to an organization, executives must become adept at mobilizing human energy, shaping culture, and leading change. Bolstered by current research, this presentation explores these skills in more depth and provides ideas for strengthening them in the competency portfolio of executives at all levels.

The Age of the HR/OD Practitioner: You Are Your Own Best Tool
As an HR/OD practitioner, your currency is in your interactions: your ability to interact with everyone from top management to frontline workers, and to leverage those relationships to achieve business objectives. Developing your capacity, therefore, begins the moment you realize that you are your own best tool. Dr. Hall presents some techniques, thinking, and research that, though seemingly straightforward, can have an extraordinary impact on your work.

Transforming HR Requires Transforming Yourself
In the coming years, HR practitioners should expect a fundamental shift in both the skills and mindset needed to function effectively. It will require practitioners to possess a deeper knowledge of the businesses in which they operate and of strategic HR skills such as change leadership and organization development. Beyond that, and perhaps most importantly, it will require HR practitioners to have a deeper knowledge of how they, personally, impact the organization through their actions, their communications, and the policies they put in place. In short, the work of HR in the future will be less about what to do and more about how to be as an HR leader. An interesting conversation about the state of the function and how we shape its next evolution.

Executive Transitions
Upon moving to a new leadership position, you have limited time to establish yourself and gain momentum. From the moment an executive steps through the door of his/her new office, the assessment begins. Therefore, a proactive approach for moving swiftly from on-boarding to making an impact is crucial. This session focuses on a leader's first three months in a new role, and features practical strategies for:

  • Connecting with the organization
  • Shaping your platform/future direction
  • Building your executive team
  • Achieving organizational alignment
  • Creating momentum in the organization

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