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Thought Leaders on HR: Marcus Mossberger

#1705 – Dr. Mindy Hall talks with Marcus Mossberger, Senior Director of Healthcare HCM Strategy at Infor, about how demographic changes, technology, and socio-economic shifts are changing how organizations approach HR.

Peak Development Radio

#1704 – When embarking on an HR transformation, organizations tend to place most of their focus on their product (usually the HR technology) and process, but consider their HR people with a backwards glance versus a focused investment.  For this second episode in our series on Accelerating HR’s Business Impact, Lisa Calicchio, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Wyndham Worldwide, joins the program to talk about the people element of HR transformations and how HR practitioners get equipped to operate in these new models of HR.

Peak Development Radio

Developing HR and Its Leaders

#1703 – We talk with Lisa Uthgenannt, CHRO for LabCorp, about effective strategies for developing HR teams, the role senior HR leaders should play in development, and the skills HR practitioners most need to develop for the future. The first episode in our series on Accelerating HR’s Business Impact.

Rethinking the Deliniation between HRBPs and OD Practitioners

It is time we re-think the delineation between Human Resource Business Partners and OD practitioners, finding ways to leverage the strengths of each to advance our common purpose: improving the way organizations operate.

Peak Development Radio

Changing the Conversation on HR

#1410 – What makes it so that in 2020 there is not another article written about how the HR function is not living up to its potential? Mindy Hall talks with HR executives Donna Torelli, Lisa Uthgenannt, and Joan Winterbottom about their reactions to Ram Charan’s article, “It’s Time to Split HR”: where they agree, where they differ, and what the HR function must do to shift the conversation.

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