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The best leaders recognize that for development to be most effective, it needs to go beyond simply imparting skills to instilling a learning mindset. That mindset is accelerated when you, as a leader, model your commitment to continuous learning, and make it an ongoing part of the team’s work.

This third installment in our five-part series on Peak Development’s CLEAR Model for Change focuses on education. It is not enough to make a compelling case for why change is necessary or to develop detailed plans. Organizations must consider what skills and behaviors are needed for people to be successful in the new model, and how those skills and behaviors can best be developed.

Reading may be one of the most under appreciated tools for continuing your leadership development. It is one of the quickest ways to acquire and assimilate information. It is a mode of development that is available 24 hours a day. You can do it virtually anywhere. It can be done in small increments or for large blocks of time. It is scalable, flexible, and on-demand. That’s why virtually all of the development plans I create for my clients include some form of reading, and why one of the most frequent pieces of advice I give to leaders—especially to those just starting out—is to build your leadership library.

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The Paradox of Adversity

#1507 – The most successful leaders and entrepreneurs know that failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s a part of it. What is it about adverse events that helps fuel our growth, and why do some leaders seem to weather adversity better than others? Dr. Mindy Hall talks with Pepper de Callier, Founder and Executive Director of the Prague Leadership Institute, who’ll be speaking on this topic at The Economist’s 2016 international conference on human resources in London.

Peak Development Radio

Investing in Yourself

#1506 – The most successful leaders are lifelong, voracious learners, with a seemingly bottomless curiosity and a passion for challenging their own thinking. How do they do it? What drives them to learn? How do they focus their efforts? How do they make the time in their crowded schedules? Dr. Mindy Hall talks with Bill Carmody, author, speaker, and CEO of Trepoint about the importance of actively investing in your own development.

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