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Backstage Consulting

Backstage Consulting

Backstage Consulting re-thinks the traditional client-consultant relationship, moving the external firm from the position of providing “the answer” to a position of creating the framework, discipline, and guidance for an organization to find its own answers. The approach places the organization and the client’s needs at the center of the work and measures success in terms of capabilities built rather than knowledge bestowed.

Challenge: With the impending launch of a potential blockbuster and more products in the pipeline, this mid-size biotech company needed to rapidly scale its operations: moving from a research-focused startup to a mature commercial organization, while retaining elements of speed and nimbleness in its culture that had made them successful.

A pharmaceutical company had indentified and validated a highly profitable market space and empowered an internal team to design a new organization to meet the need. Peak Development was called in to help bring the organization to life. In working through the transition from Design Team to Leadership Team, the organization needed to address not only concrete aspects like their funding model, physical space, and processes, but also less tangible aspects like a vision and platform that would paint a compelling picture of the organization’s future, and a culture that would set the tone for their success.

A great read from Strategy+Business that illustrates how organization design determines behavior, and suggests 8 elements—both formal and informal—for effective organization design.

Good organization design grabs the company’s attention and focuses it squarely on particular issues. It emanates from an overall vision of the organization, shapes the tone or operating style, and becomes an essential tool for transforming strategy into reality. While there is not a “one-size-fits-all” method for implementing “good design,” by carefully considering the impact of such a process, a company can go a long way towards ensuring its success.

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