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Leader to Leader

December 10, 2015 | by Mindy Hall, PhD | “When leaders see the proactive development of culture as one of their primary responsibilities, the positive impact on the organization is profound.” An original article by Dr. Mindy Hall from the Winter 2016 issue of The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute’s award-winning journal.

Should an organization have one, uniform corporate culture, different cultures to support different divisions, or a mixture of both? An interesting question and good discussion on Strategy+Business.

The Power of Culture

Every company has a culture: regardless of size, age, or industry. What separates many leading companies from their competitors is the ability to intentionally shape and leverage culture to drive the business and create an environment where people are inspired to achieve extraordinary results.

Designed to provide professionals with practical data that can be readily used in the workplace, this study explores how organizational culture is shaped, and the roles individuals play in actively shaping it. Nearly 200 people participated, including individuals at all levels, across multiple functional areas, from a list of companies that spans industries and continents. This Research Report provides a detailed analysis of results and an executive summary of key findings.

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