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Peak Development Radio

The Ethics Dividend

#1416 – Rather than simply a means to prevent negative consequences, what would happen if we instead focused on the positive effects of business ethics? Is there a dividend—financial or otherwise—that can be associated with behaving ethically? If so, how does it show up in our organizations, and what can leaders do to leverage it? Eric McNulty, author and Director of Research and Professional Programs at Harvard’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, discusses.

Challenge: With the impending launch of a potential blockbuster and more products in the pipeline, this mid-size biotech company needed to rapidly scale its operations: moving from a research-focused startup to a mature commercial organization, while retaining elements of speed and nimbleness in its culture that had made them successful.

A pharmaceutical company had indentified and validated a highly profitable market space and empowered an internal team to design a new organization to meet the need. Peak Development was called in to help bring the organization to life. In working through the transition from Design Team to Leadership Team, the organization needed to address not only concrete aspects like their funding model, physical space, and processes, but also less tangible aspects like a vision and platform that would paint a compelling picture of the organization’s future, and a culture that would set the tone for their success.

Challenge: Building a development culture across a fast-growing company which aimed to become a world-class organization.

Challenge: Viewing the integration of two divisions not as an “either/or” choice, but as an opportunity to use the best of both worlds to create a new and exciting organization.

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