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Thought Leaders on HR: Sharlyn Lauby

Sharlyn Lauby, President of ITM Group and author of the blog HR Bartender

#1707 - Our series on Accelerating HR's Business Impact continues with Sharlyn Lauby, President of ITM Group, and creator of the popular blog HR Bartender. She talks with Dr. Mindy Hall about the need for HR to change along with its organization, and how a strong focus on Talent Acquisition can be a useful entry point for building business relationships and shifting the function.

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This episode is part of our continuing series on Accelerating HR’s Business Impact, which looks at the shifts HR leaders and practitioners are experiencing in organizations today, and asks what HR functions should be doing to prepare themselves for the future. Our first episodes in the series featured senior HR leaders working inside organizations. Now, we're hearing from HR thought leaders: individuals who have direct experience in HR, but who are also writing, speaking, and sparking conversations across the HR function. Links to previous episodes and articles in the series are below. Next up, we'll feature a conversation with Jennifer McClure of DisruptHR, before wrapping up the series with a look at what we've learned. Subscribe now so you're sure to hear them all!

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  • HR Bartender - A friendly place to discuss workplace issues.

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