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Transforming HR

Organizations are eager for HR to be a more powerful force in shaping their companies for the future.

Investing in both the growth of the HR team’s capabilities and the design of a high-value HR business model will yield unquestionable value for any organization.

For the past decade, human resource practitioners have been attempting to transform their Human Resource functions, seeking to add more value to the businesses they support. However, for all the talk of change, too many HR organizations have fallen short of truly transforming. From both research on failed transformations and practical experience, we have learned that HR organizations underestimate what it will take both on an organizational level and a personal level.


Successfully transforming an HR function requires focus in three major areas:

  • an examination of the function’s operating model
  • skill development of all HR practitioners
  • leadership support

More personally, it requires shifts in the HR practitioner’s mindset and actions, looking beyond transactional disciplines like compensation, recruiting, and employee relations to shaping culture, coaching leaders, and facilitating strategic change in the line organizations they serve.

Peak Development’s model for transforming HR teams blends both education and consulting. We use a variety of tools—from OD AcademySM custom skill sessions to redesigning HR Business Models to Backstage ConsultingSM and Executive Coaching. Our approach builds sustainability and capacity, helping HR functions do more than just partner with the business, but truly lead it.

Recent Projects

  • Project architecture and Backstage Consulting for HR executives at a global organization, where we worked to advance the design of a new global strategy and operating model. Our approach increased the HR team’s capacity to lead future organization design initiatives from within. With a new model in place, we also led OD Academy sessions in the US and Europe to build HR/OD skills and establish a new culture within the function.
  • Partnered with a technology company’s HR team, deepening OD skills needed to drive new business initiatives with their line clients. Peak Development conducted OD Academy sessions in the US, Europe, and Asia, and provided ongoing consulting to focus newly acquired skills on current business issues.


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