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OD AcademySM

OD Academy custom skill sessions are distinctly poised to help deepen skills in human and organizational dynamics.

Your team will discover new ways of operating to achieve better business results, experience how to make OD efforts more effective, and learn how to be a strong force in shaping the company's culture.

Sessions run a minimum of two-and-a-half days. All OD Academy sessions are custom designed, and use examples from your business to make the experience readily transferrable to your organization. In addition to building your team's practitioner skills, these sessions simultaneously build the team itself.


Session Components

While all sessions are tailored to fit your business and your culture, each will provide:

  • Development of deeper OD skills to enhance success
  • Focus on areas of critical importance: Diagnosis, Consultation, Design, Facilitation, Use of Self, Business Partnering
  • A small group environment to optimize individual learning
  • Experiential techniques and lessons
  • Practical advice and application, working with your organiztion's current business issues
  • Post-session support

Development opportunities are most effective when sustained over time. We have found that clients who view the OD Academy as one part of a larger effort to transform their HR team's skills see a greater return on their investment. We welcome the opportunity to talk about your company's business goals and the development strategies that will transform your HR team.


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